Running Deep – The Power of Water November 19

Seventh Annual Canadian Storytelling Night – Soirée nationale du conte

Prepare to immerse yourself. Water is the deep subject and theme of 2018’s Canadian Storytelling Night-Soirée national du conte (CSN-SNC.)

“When we are born we are 90 percent water and as adults we are 70 percent. We are all born through water, and live with it all around us,” says Christine Douglas, a member of Chippewas of Rama First Nation (Mnjikaning) and of Storytelling Orillia. “In the Ojibwe tradition, men are responsible for the fire and women are responsible for the water. We are the life givers,” Christine adds. “Kind words affect the water in our bodies positively while unkind words have the opposite effect.”

Water is the element associated with the western quarter of the medicine wheel according to Ojibwe elder Mark Douglas, also a member of Rama and Storytelling Orillia.  A journey around the medicine wheel was the inspiration for CSN-SNC themes that began in 2016 with the element of earth, facing east. In 2017, we turned south, for fire, warmth and light. This year, turning west, we look for an outpouring of stories about water.

More information will follow when it is available.