Ivan Coyote In Concert and Workshop

Coming May 2019!

Ivan Coyote!

The Victoria Storytellers’ Guild is excited to present Ivan Coyote, the award-winning Canadian author and internationally acclaimed storyteller and presenter. 

Ivan’s stories are inspiring, filled with Ivan’s generous heart, humour and humanity.

Ivan Coyote in Concert: An Evening of Storytelling:  May 29th                                                                                         7:30 pm at the Belfry theatre, $25, https://tickets.belfry.bc.ca/TheatreManager/1/login?event=1083

  Ivan Coyote: Workshop for Storytellers : May 30th

 9:30 am – 12:30 pm at St Aiden’s Church, $50

 Register through Shirley Routliffe,  sroutliffe@gmail.com

The workshop will give you a chance to work with master Canadian storyteller Ivan Coyote.  Discover new ideas about transforming thoughts and energy into memorable stories. The workshop will include tips on selecting material, preparing yourself and your work for performance, and how to make your body language work for you. Bring a pen, paper, questions, and maybe even a 3 minute selection of your work you hope to stage one day. There will be a short performance and feedback session, time permitting.

“Ivan is a Canadian superstar…                                                                                                                                They speak right to the heart of audiences and tell both global and personal stories at the same time.”                                          – Sean Guist, Intrepid Theatre, Victoria BC

“A natural–born Storyteller”
– The Globe and Mail
“Ivan has a distinctive and persuasive voice, a flawless sense of pacing, and an impeccable sense of story.”

– Quill’s Magazine                                                                                                                                                    “Ivan Coyote is a Canadian performer who explores the edges of gender identity with wit and humour.”  Pudence Upton, Sydney Writers’ Festival, Australia 

Presented by the Victoria Storytellers’ Guild                                                                                                                                                              Celebrating Our 30th year