Most people are just happy to hear and tell stories. They don’t really care how it all happens, they’re just glad it does. In 2010, some changes were made to keep the stories flowing and, hopefully, to lessen the burden on the few hard working souls who have been making it all happen.

BC Society Act

We have decided to continue on as a registered society and, in order to do that changes have been made in the way the Guild is run to fit into the BC Society Act and to receive financial benefits from granters. The board positions are those jobs which must be filled, no matter what, to make the Guild happen. Should it happen that it is impossible to find people to do the many other jobs that make the Guild the fine organization it is, the Victoria Storytellers’ Guild Society may still be capable of functioning if it has a working board.

Board Meetings

The Victoria Storytellers’ Guild Society is run by a board of 6 members who will meet 4 times per year. According to the BC Societies Act, a quorum will amount to 3 people present at the meeting or a number to be agreed upon at the AGM. Anyone may attend the board meetings and offer advice, but only the board members, or in their absence an alternate, may vote.

Board Positions

This board will consist of a president, vice-president, administrative secretary, communications coordinator, Fern Street coordinator and treasurer. Each of these board positions will be elected by the Guild membership, annually, at the AGM. No one will be expected to hold the same position for more than two consecutive years.