2024 Duncan Showroom series

In the winter of 2024, storytellers from up and down the island are coming together at the Duncan Showroom for a short series. You can attend in-person at 131 Station Street, or join the live-stream at showtime at this link: https://www.youtube.com/c/DuncanShowroom/live

Tickets by donation, with a suggested price of $15-$20

March 24 at 2pm – Uppity women

April 28 at 2pm – Dirt – dish it up, dig it up, muddy the waters, we dare you!

May 26, Crimes of the heart

June 23, Opening door

Missed a show? You can still see the recordings for :

September 24, 2023 Crimes and Misdemeanours featuring Margaret Murphy, Jennifer Ferris, Marva Blackmore and Lee Porteous

October 22nd, 7pm, Stories from Near and Far, featuring Catherine Sheehan, Laurie Giffin and Lee Porteous

Stories from near and far, October 22, 2013 7pm at the Duncan Showroom

November 26 Spin a Tale, Weave a Story, featuring Rachel Muller, Barbara Botham, Janos Varga and Laurie Hutchinson

December 17 Did you hear that? Haunted stories, featuring Marva Blackmore and Lee Porteous

January 28 at 2pm – Scottish stories, featuring Susan Warner, Jennifer Ferris, Laurie Giffin and Lee Porteous

February 18 at 2pm – Rascals and Villains, featuring Catherine Sheehan, Lee Porteous and Laurie Giffin