Jennifer Ferris

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Victoria storyteller, Jennifer Ferris, has been active as a storyteller for 25 years. She has performed in schools, at community events, nature sanctuaries and festivals.   


As a mentor she coaches emerging storytellers, helping new tellers to develop and perform their stories for peers and the larger community. In addition to her work with new tellers, experienced storytellers also seek her out for advice and coaching. She has organized storytelling clubs in elementary school and high school and has provided telling opportunities for students in Victoria.

As an educator she has had an opportunity to share her stories with all grades from K to 12, tailoring the story to the curriculum, to the situation, and just for fun.  Through her professional work and volunteer activities in the community she has used story to engage and entertain tellers of all ages. Acutely aware of the power of humour and language, she loves to tell personal stories as well as tales of myth, magic and transformation from around the world.


Jennifer’s family arrived in Victoria in 1858 in time for the gold rush on the Fraser River and, later, in the Caribou.   Family stories, given to her by her grandmother, and her own research have helped her to develop a number of stories about that period.  


She gives workshops to adults, children, families and international students.  Participants find that her gentle approach and enthusiasm offers a safe environment to try new ideas.

“Making your stories fit our setting was a bonus, as was the chance for audience participation.”  Naturalist, Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary

“You take me into a world that is so rich.”  Audience member, St John’s Storytelling festival