Improv Storytelling Workshop with Jennifer Ferris

TAKE THE FEAR OUT OF IMPROV… a workshop presented by Jennifer Ferris


DATE: Sat Nov 23rd

TIME: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

LOCATION: 657 Harbinger Avenue

COST:  $20.00

REGISTRATION & INFORMATION: Shirley Routliffe – sroutliffe@shaw.ca778-977-0800

Imagine standing in front of a group and telling a story that is totally new to you – where all the direction, plot, character ideas and details come from the audience and where you have absolutely no idea what is going to happen next. If this scenario strikes fear into your heart – this workshop is for you! Experience the excitement of creating collaborative stories that satisfy both the listener and the teller.

Join Jennifer Ferris on the roller coaster of Improv storytelling.  Learn how to tell a ‘story on the spot’ using ideas and input from the audience. Working in small and large groups, participants will explore the basics of working without a script.  We will be:

  • ·         Experimenting with play – unblocking our creativity
  • ·         Learning  to trust our instincts
  • ·         Learning  to “listen to our inner voice”
  • ·         Increasing self-confidence

Through simple games and exercises in a group setting, participants, explore and discover the joy of being in the moment.  Since practice makes perfect, there will be ample time to experiment and learn to love this edgy art form.

“Jennifer never misses a beat with her improv tales. With humour and quick thinking she weaves audience ideas into her ‘on-the-spot’ stories. Expect the unexpected!”

   – Peg Hasted, storyteller, Victoria, BC

Jennifer Ferris has been an active storyteller in Victoria for the past 25 years. Her performance experience includes schools, festivals, community events, radio and television. She has offered a variety of workshops to new and experienced storytellers of all ages. She has mentored new tellers, created performance opportunities for new and experienced storytellers. She directed the 2006 Victoria Storytelling Festival and is the Past President of  Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs du Canada working on behalf of storytellers and story listeners across Canada.

This workshop is sponsored by the Victoria Storytellers’ Guild and is open to members, non members, and all friends of improv and storytelling!

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