The Game’s Afoot: Stories from Sherlock Holmes


Featuring Ottawa Storytellers Kathie Kompass and Mary Wiggin

Polished, accomplished, filled with energy and wit. Hope Conan Doyle is grinning delightedly from wherever he is currently situated!!

Jan Andrews, Storyteller and Author

Step out of the shadows and plunge into the fog-damped streets of Holmesian London where violence and danger abound. In The Dying Detective, Holmes’ very existence is threatened but Watson is determined to help his dear friend in any way he can.

And don’t imagine that a sortie to the bucolic countryside will provide a safe haven especially for the former captain of an Arctic whaler whose past has come back to haunt him. Arthur Conan Doyle drew on his own dangerous experiences on the ice floes of the Arctic seas to craft The Adventure of Black Peter.

What the Ottawa Audience Had to Say

Time to take another bow, Kathie!! You deserve to take many more! I’m in awe of your skill set and commitment.

What a great show. The season couldn’t have ended better. I found myself listening like a little kid.

Mary thanks for a very entertaining evening as you drew me into the unfolding mystery of Sherlock Holmes. It was riveting and delightful.

You engaged me in the story from the moment you began to tell, then held me in the world of Holmes for the full telling.

Great storytelling! You had me on the edge of my seat……

About the Tellers

Kathie Kompass

During the summer between grades 8 and 9 Kathie encountered Sherlock Holmes on a library shelf and the relationship has been ongoing. When she’s not accompanying Holmes and Watson across the moors or into the Sussex countryside she tells stories at the NAC’s Fourth Stage, in libraries, churches, summer camps, school, for the Girl Guides of Canada and at festivals such as the one held in Toronto.

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