The Forest Storytelling Festival

Fri, October 14, 12 noon – Sun, October 16, 12 noon

Peninsula College, Port Angeles, Washington

Awesome workshops and performances by leading American storytellers. For more information, please visit Forest Storytelling Festival Website.

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4 Responses to The Forest Storytelling Festival

  1. Al Fowler says:

    This is a great festival. Who all is going from Victoria? Are you? Let folks know and perhaps we can make plans to travel together.

    • Can’t make it due to a gig in Victoria Sunday night (for Jewish women only) but I recommend this festival if you can get there. The one time I made it I received excellent coaching from Syd Lieberman and found a sweet story coat that listeners continue to enjoy. Looking forward to returning some day. Tried applying to tell there but was told I was a niche teller – not their type. C’est la vie.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Karen,
    Kim was at the Forest Storytelling Festival last year and she was in Victoria for a workshop and performance on 4 June. Her next trip to the Island will be to Nanaimo, 26 November. Still waiting to hear more about that workshop.

  3. Lina de Guevara says:

    I recently met Dr.Fadi Skeiker, Department of Theatre Arts, University of Jordan. He has written a very interesting essay about Storytelling in Damascus. I asked him if he would be OK if I shared this with members of the Victoria Storytelling Guild and he said he would be happy if people were interested in reading it. So, if you are interested please get in touch with me and i’ll e-mail you this essay. It’s worth reading!

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