The Audience You Want, The Audience You’ve Got: Saturday 15 September 2-3:15

Facilitator: Rachel Muller

Date: Saturday, September 15, 2018

Time: 2 – 3:15 pm

Venue: 2811 Prior Street, Victoria (on #4 bus route)


Cost: This workshop is a gift to VSG members and is free.

Advance registration: Secure your place by emailing Jennifer

Workshop description: A great storytelling experience requires three elements: a skilled teller, a good story, and engaged listeners. Storytellers have some control over the first two elements, but what about the third? In this workshop participants explore what it takes to form and maintain a strong connection with an audience. We’ll discuss a number of practical techniques for establishing connection as well as the methods great storytellers use to build even deeper intimacy. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their own audience experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and to strategize for future success.

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