Find a storyteller

Jennifer Ferris

Victoria storyteller, Jennifer Ferris, has told stories for 15 years in schools, at community events and festivals. Her interest and connection to the history of Vancouver Island has provided many storytelling opportunities. In addition to her own stories, she also entertains audiences with stories of myths, magic and transformation from around the world.

She gives workshops to adults and children and she is very interested in promoting storytelling in the family.

Shoshana Litman

Shoshana’s storytelling and singing inspires listeners to awaken to the deeper joys of life. Her stories and songs engage and delight audiences of all ages. Her performances highlight Jewish wisdom and some focus on holidays such as Hanukah, Rosh Hashanah (New Year) or Tu B’Shevat (New Year of the Trees).

All her stories encourage cooperation and diversity. Shoshana’s presentations invite audience participation and are suitable for secular or spiritual events, classrooms, workshops, conferences and festivals.

Margo McLoughlin

“The world is made of stories…”

Margo tells original tales of the BC coast, stories from the Buddhist tradition, and world tales of citizenship and generosity. She has performed in a wide variety of settings, in Canada, the United States and England. Margo also offers storytelling workshops for adults on several themes: “Liberating Our Gifts Through Story,” “Sacred Stories, Spiritual Lives” and “Awakening the Healer: Storytelling for Re-inventing the World.”

Faye Mogensen, M.Ed.

Faye began storytelling in the 1980s when she worked as a Park Interpreter. Since then, she has continued to refine the art, telling Earth tales, peace tales, and seasonal celebration stories from all around the world. She also enjoys spinning historical yarns and original family stories — that will remind you of your own! Faye loves the way stories touch the heart and tickle the mind; her lively and dramatic approach appeals to people of all ages.

Faye also facilitates dynamic workshops for all ages and skill levels. She can help you tease oral stories from your personal memories and off the written page. One of her specialties is helping tellers craft stories focusing on science and the environment.