Membership Form

Victoria Storytellers’ Guild Membership Form






Postal Code__________________






Please note: your personal information is shared with the VSG executive and job holders. To facilitate communication, VSG members receive a list containing the names and emails of members.  Members agree not to share this information outside the guild.  Information about VSG activities and related storytelling events will be sent by email to all members.

If you do not wish to receive emails that are sent out to the general membership, please indicate that here:

I do not wish to receive general emails from the VSG ____. 

If you do not wish your contact information circulated to members, please indicate that here:  

I do not wish my contact information circulated to members _____.


Type of Membership


New___      Renewal____       Individual $25___  Family $35___   

(Make Cheques payable to “The Victoria Storytellers’ Guild”)


Mail completed form and cheque to

Victoria Cownden, VSG Membership co-chair

4337  Ridgewood,  Victoria BC    V8Z 4Z6



If you would like to help, please indicate your areas of interest below.

At “Fern St.”(our monthly meeting): 

Tell Stories  ___

Host evenings  ___

Help with refreshments ___ 

Help set up the room  ___


Help with special events___

Serve on the executive ____

Assist in other ways ______       


Signature_______________________________   Date______________


(Form last revised March 2017)