Stories from Scotland

March 26th, 2018, at 7:30 at 1831 Fern St. Admission $15 at the door

Kathie Kompass and Mary Wiggin

Proudly Presented by the Victoria Storytellers’ Guild

What listeners are saying about Oatcakes and Heartaches…

“Beautiful stories, beautifully told.”
(Audience member, Ottawa)

Would not have missed this for the world. We loved it!
(Audience members, Ottawa)

“Och! I approve!”
(A listener who emigrated to Canada from Scotland)

“This is amazing!”
(Young teen listener, February 2018)

“How do you do that? I could see pictures inside my head when you were talking.”
(Grade 6 student, February 2018)

Our Storytellers

Kathie Kompass
A storyteller since 1983, Kathie enjoys the language and images of older stories as well as the brevity and punchiness of a modern tale. The adventure, the mischief and the countryside found in this concert’s Scottish tales tickle her tongue as they unfold and seem to tell themselves. She has told stories in libraries, churches, summer camps, private parties, elementary and high schools, Concordia University and for Girl Guide Groups. Kathie is a regular at the Ottawa Storytelling festival and performed at the Toronto Storytelling Festival and at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. She co-leads the beginning storytellers course for the Ottawa StoryTellers.

Mary Wiggin

Renowned for her exquisite sense of language, Mary is a master of literary works as well as folk and fairy tales. Her stories flash with quicksilver wit and glimpses of hidden truths revealed in poetic turns of phrase. She favours folktales and fairytales with strong heroines and sound plots. Her rock-solid, no-nonsense delivery style is the perfect set-up for the uncanny, the fantastic and the surprising.

For more than a decade, Mary has been a featured teller at the National Arts Centre, storytelling events in the Byward Market, the Bytown Museum, and at schools, seniors’ centres, festivals, libraries and conferences. She has coordinated Ottawa storytellers’ events for many years and with Kathie, facilitates Welcome to Storytelling: 10 Things You Need to Know, the beginners’ workshop offered by Ottawa Storytellers.