Call for tellers – 2012 EPIC STORYTELLING WEEKEND

Listener, tellers… hear the call!For the past several years, a small group has gathered to breathe life into epic tales from around the world. We’ve traveled from Russia through China to India and Persia to Ghana, Guatamala and beyond. This year, we are back at it, with the Norse Epic. Many stories have been selected, but there remain several tempting stories looking for a teller — please don’t disappoint them — they’re too good to miss.

Would you, could you join us as a listener or a teller? All are welcome!

The experience is always RICH. It’s a gift to walk deep inside the psyche of an old culture in the company of creative souls who play with the stories to bring them back to life ~ the experience is a true blend of the 21st century with ancient times.

Some details follow and if you want to know more – email


Den Nordisk Mytologi – The Norse Epic Tales

A Call to Tellers and Listeners

At the dawn of time, say the old bards of Iceland, there was neither sand nor grass nor dancing waves, but the great Ice-world Nifleheim and the flaming Fire-world Muspellheim…….where they collided, there appeared the deep seething roiling pit called GINUNGAGAP. …. …. The source of all life……. and out of this emerges YMIR the fierce Frost-Giant and Audumla the Ice-Cow and her four rivers of frothy milk…..

And so the great creation myth of Norse mythology begins, and does not end until Ragnarok, the destruction of the world. In these harsh northern lands of mountains and deep fjords come dazzling sagas of love and bitter war. These are romances and tragedies with a cast of vibrant, larger-than-life characters – gods, giants, dwarfs, serpents, Odin, Thor with his hammer Mjolnir, the trickster Loki – who overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. There are tales here of trickery and initiation, betrayal and forgiveness, great humour and beauty, nobility and gruesome death.

And, they are waiting to be retold!

“World-swaying power in the wind wields the breath of great ODIN

Firing with flash of lightning, the heart, with courage undaunted….”

Will you have courage undaunted, and join us in this Epic Weekend? There are many tales still to be chosen.

1. Specific Details

Dates: Friday – Sunday April 13th-15th

Reply by: Tellers – please be in touch by February 15 Listeners – you have lots of time to decide!

Location: The Vancouver Waldorf School in North Van, as in previous years.
Food: Potluck, and a Saturday evening Norse feast courtesy of chef Eitel Timm

Preparation & Pronunciation Workshop: Sometime in February

Cost: we share the cost of space rental and Saturday’s feast – full weekend cost will not exceed $50.00 (that includes Sat. dinner). Partial sessions are charged accordingly.

Reply with your interest to: – If you would like to tell a tale, I will send you the list of stories and their descriptions.

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